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Music & Dance

“This is the place, where young musicians start their journey to become great composer & where the children unwind and learn the aesthetics of movement and sound. Classical Dance (Indian & Western), Modern Dance (Indian & Western), Choreography, Direction, Vocal Music (Indian and Western), Instrumental Music (Indian and Western) are all interwoven into the fine fabric of our Educational experience.”

Dance is an ideal means of communication to express what is too deep, too fine for words. The students at GDGIS Kapurthala, learn to choreograph and are made conversant with various Indian and Western dance forms like Indian Classical, Jazz, Hip Hop, Salsa etc. These are some of the most eagerly awaited moments for self expression and the students can be seen enjoying to the hilt. Lessons in Indian and Western music generate rich & cross cultural exposure to sensitize the students to this fine art.

The Department of Music and Dance is committed to excellence, innovation, learning in action, and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to bridge dance practice and scholarship and to foster interdisciplinary inquiry. As a trained faculty, we bring a challenging range of perspectives to our teaching and research, and continually re-examine our curriculum in order to prepare both young and mature aspirants for careers in the ever-evolving field of Performing Arts.


We at GDGIS, Kapurthala use Smart Classroom Concept with the use of interactive Whiteboards or Smart Boards. These we provide extensive sports facilities to grow our students stronger, energetic and physically fit through various playgrounds and hiring international coaches.

We have following sports facilities with world class spacious grounds and professional coaches.

Outdoor Games
  • Horse Riding
  • Cricket Ground
  • Volleyball
  • Basket Ball Court
  • Football Field
  • Track & Field
  • Long Jump & High Jump Area
  • Badminton
Indoor Games
  • Shooting
  • Table Tennis
  • Taekwondo
  • Judo
  • Chess